Monday, June 15, 2015

Organic Farm Now Completely Self Sufficient

Sundial Solar recently completed a solar installation in Dunbarton, NH for Chanticleer Gardens. Chanticleer Gardens has been farmed with organic methods for over 40 years. Its commitment to the environment and sustainability has been strong before “going green” was trendy.

When Chanticleer came to Sundial Solar, we knew it would be a perfect fit. We installed a 12KW (kilowatt) ground mounted system. This system will provide all the electric needs for the gardens. Chanticleer no longer needs to rely on the grid for power.

Chanticleer grows flowers and produce on location. The gardens also raise free-range chickens for eggs. There are a variety of events hosted on the farm from painting instruction to private functions. The addition of these solar panels will help the gardens to continue their sustainability efforts and save money on operating costs.

Don’t have an organic farm? No problem! Sundial Solar helps anyone, and any business, utilize solar energy. From homes to businesses to farms, we can create a system that meets your needs. Call us today for a free consultation: 603-961-0045.

Hybrid Home is Freed From the Grid

Sundial Solar completed a 10KW (kilowatt) solar system  installation for a home in Hopkinton, NH. We have incorporated a hybrid domestic hot water system and a heat pump that will work with client's solar panel system. These two additional features work well with the solar system and allow this home to be self sufficient for electrical and domestic hot water needs as well as cooling and heating a certain room. 

What is a hybrid water heater you ask?  It is a new and very efficient technology. It is like refrigerator in reverse.  It works with ambient air in the basement . Through an intake fan, air is compressed through Freon. That heat is pushed in to the tank and begins preheating the water to certain temperature. The solar electric begins once that initial temperature is reached and does the rest of the work. For more information on hybrid water heaters, click here.

A heat pump works just like a hybrid hot water system. It cools the air in summer time and warms the air in the winter. The pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. It is most commonly used to take heat from the air or ground to heat a home or building. But you can also use this pump to cool your home by simply reversing the process. For more information on heat pumps, click here.

By adding these two tools to the home and tying them to the solar panels, this home is running at optimum efficiency. This is what allows them to be completely self-sufficient. Sundial Solar specializes in creating a solution that meets your energy needs, beyond the traditional panel installation, so you can maximize your solar investment. Call us today to learn more: 603-961-0045.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Hampshire Couple With NO Electric or Hot Water Bills

Antrim, NH

A New Hampshire Couple recently installed a solar electric and hybrid hot water system for their new home. This new home was designed and built by Cedar Mill Group out of Webster, NH. Sundial Solar was brought in to eliminate this couple's electric bills and fossil fuel consumption. 

Sundial Solar installed a traditional solar panel system for the electric portion of the house. Then using a hybrid hot water system Sundial Solar was able to develop a system that allowed them to heat their hot water through solar energy.

Not only did this couple eliminate their electric and hot water bills, they reduced their consumption of fossil fuels. Their home is more self sufficient and they are less reliant on the grid. Not to mention the re-sell value of their new home instantly increased with the addition of the solar panel system. 

No matter what your goals are, Sundial Solar will work to develop a solar panel system that works for you and your needs. Summer is right around the corner, so contact us today to capitalize on the sun rays headed our way!

(603) 961-0045

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Introducing: Sundial Solar

You are all familiar with Bright Light Solar. BLS has provided solar panel installation and service for many years. Fuat Ari ran BLS with his business partner servicing New Hampshire residents and businesses with high quality solar solutions. Fuat has since decided to launch his own solar solutions business, Sundial Solar.

Sundial Solar will provide the same high quality service and solutions like Bright Light Solar. Sundial services all of New Hampshire for both residential and commercial clients. Our team of trained, educated solar professionals will help find the best solution to meet your needs.

Whether it’s going “off the grid,” a desire to “go green,” an interest in saving money off utility bills, or creating a “solar farm,” Sundial Solar is here to help you. Should you have any questions about our new business venture, please call us at 603-961-0045.

The entire team at Sundial Solar looks forward to serving you and providing solar solutions that meet any need!

Monday, December 1, 2014

An Off the Grid Mountain Home

Bright Light Solar recently completed a solar panel installation in Bradford, NH. This mountain top cabin is now off the grid. Our system allows this property owner to heat the cabin, water, and supply enough electricity to support the cabin year round. The cabin is roughly 1700 square feet.

The system installed is 3.5kilowatts and is capable of retaining 4-5 days of battery capacity. You may be wondering why does it matter if the system has battery capacity? When designing a solar panel system for a property that needs to be “off the grid,” meaning it cannot be connected to the standard utility grid, there must be enough battery life to support a few cloudy days. It is also important that the battery system put in place is not so big that the solar panel system cannot support it. This property’s solar panel system can store enough energy for the home to last 4-5 days without sun.

To keep the cabin warm, a boiler system that uses solar hot water was installed to make sure the home stays warm during the harsh winter months.

Going off the grid is easier than you might think. Call Bright Light Solar today to discuss your solar energy needs! We can design a system for any property, commercial or residential! Our number is: (603) 961-0045

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Solar Dream Home

Center Barnstead, NH

Bright Light Solar recently completed a “net zero” solar panel installation for a stunning lake home in Center Barnstead, NH. A “net zero” home means that the amount of solar energy the home generates is roughly equal to the amount of energy the home uses in a year. What does this mean for the home owner? No more electric or hot water bills! You can see this beautiful home and the completed installation in the picture below.

In addition to saving on their utility bills, this homeowner was able to receive tax incentives, state rebates, and federal rebates to help cover the costs of installation. The common misconception with solar panels is that they are expensive to purchase and install. However, Bright Light Solar has thoroughly researched the various rebates, incentives, and money saving practices consumers have available to them to help reduce the costs of installation and maintaining the panels.

Once the panels are installed, consumers see a lifetime of savings on their energy costs. Some even earn money on the energy they generate by selling excess energy to the conventional grid. Worried about the resale value of your home if you install solar panels? According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, home values increase an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. (For more information click here) So if you save an average of $1,000 on your utility bills each year, that will add $20,000 of value to your home!

Whether you have a lake home, regular home, land, or a rental property there is a solar energy option available for you. Bright Light Solar is here to help you navigate the solar energy world. We are available at any time to discuss the various solar energy options and money saving incentives available to you. Please feel free to contact us on our website (, on our Facebook page (, or by phone at 603-961-0045!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Oil Free Home

Dunbarton, NH

Bright Light Solar recently completed a 7.7KW (kilowatt) solar installation for a home in Dunbarton, NH. Before connecting with Bright Light Solar, this home was using oil to heat the home and their hot water. They were grid dependent for their electricity needs as well. With the help of Bright Light Solar, this home is now completely oil free and using solar for all of their energy needs.

We were able to install a system that will heat and cool their home and generate all their electricity needs. They are independently generating everything they need to keep their home running. 

We installed a ground mounted system. This means the panels are not installed on the roof but in the ground on the sunniest part of their property. You can see the completed project in the photo above. 

Ground mounted systems are a popular choice for those who have sunny spots of land on their property. Some even install ground systems to utilize group net metering and generate excess electricity to sell to the grid and consumers. To read more about group net metering check out our previous blog post by clicking here.

This home owner will receive numerous tax incentives for installing a solar panel system for their home. They will also have NO electric or oil bills anymore!

If you are interested in eliminating some or all of your utility bills, contact us today at (603) 961-0045! You can also check out our website or visit on Facebook (  We are always available to discuss the various solar options that will work best for you and your energy needs.